Programma preliminare del conferenza CHItaly2011, 13-16 settembre 2011, Alghero

13 settembre 2011

Location: All workshops except InformAnimation will take place at Asilo Sella, Lungomare Garibaldi 32, Alghero
The InformAnimation workshop will take place at Caserma, piazza Pino Piras, Alghero

09.00-18.00 Registration Asilo
09.00-19.00 HCI@Large workshop Asilo
09.00-19.00 Empowerment workshop Asilo
09.00-19.00 InformAnimation workshop Caserma
9.00-19.00 Integration of Skills and Intuition as Vehicles for Ethics workshop Asilo
19.30-20.30 Welcome Cocktail
at Movida, Bastioni Magellano 14-18

14 settembre 2011

Conference location: San Francesco

8.00-9.00 Registration
9.00-10.00 Opening Ceremony
Chair Sebastiano Bagnara
Luciano Gamberini President, ACM SIGCHI Italy
Prof. Attilio Mastino, Rector of the University of Sassari,
Prof. Vanni Maciocco, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sassari
Dr. Marco Tedde, Mayor of the Municipality of Alghero
Dr. Stefano Lubrano, Past President Confindustria Nord Sardegna
10.00-10.30 Special Guest Donald Norman
Innovation, Research, and Its (Lack of) Impact on Industry
10.30-10.40 Coffee break
10.40-11.00 CHItaly Madness
11.00-13.30 CHI @ work: industrial perspectives in products and services
Panel - HCI, Industry and Services
Chair: Roberto Montanari, RE: Lab
Closing comments Stefano Micelli, University of Venice
Failla Angelo, IBM Italia
Borin Andrea, Yamaha Motor R&D Europe
Mencarini Adriano, Indesit Company
Elia Gabriele,Telecom Italia
Marzani Stefano, Digital Fluency
Bertoncini Massimo, Engineering <Informatica
Pozzi Simone, DeepBlue
Contini Luca, Akhela s.r.l.
Alessandro Mazinghi, EMMEGI SPA
13.30-14.30 Lunch break
14.30-15.00 Keynote 1: Complexity in Human Computer Confluence
Paul Verschure, SPECS, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
15.00-16.20 Session 1: Facing Complexity
Chair: Luciano Gamberini
  Intelligence Management and Complexities: A Case Study Approach, Gabriella Spinelli and Bobbi Sharma
  There is More in a Single Touch: mapping the continuous to the discrete, Jelle Stienstra, Kees Overbeeke and Stephan Wensveen
  Designing Technologies for Ageing. Is Simplicity always a Leading Criterion? Alessandra Talamo, Sabina Giorgi and Barbara Mellini
  Complexity in an uncertain and cosmopolitan world. Rethinking personal health technology in diabetes with the TiY, Cristiano Storni
  Is complexity tameble? Toward a design for the experience in a complex world, Carlo Giovannella
16.20-16.40 Coffee break
16.40-17.10 Keynote 2: Culture centered design
Gerrit van der Veer, President ACM SIGCHI
17.10-18.00 Session 2: Emotion and Experience
Chair: Francesco Di Nocera
  Embodying Complexity Through Movement Sonification: Case Study on Empowering the Speed-skater, Jelle Stienstra, Kees Overbeeke and Stephan Wensveen
  Designing interactions for personalized and distributed services experiences: towards a new conceptual model, Leonardo Giusti, Massimo Zancanaro and Claudio Moderini
  An exploration on the possible correlation among perception and physical cues of EMOVO'S emotional portrayals, Carlo Giovannella, Daniele Floris and Andrea Paoloni
19.00-20.00 Evening Event: Designing Dreams
Kees Overbeeke, Eindhoven University of Technology

15 settembre 2011

Conference Location: San Francesco

09.00-9.30 Keynote 3: Colours in the Web-age
Manlio Brusatin, University of Sassari
9.30-11.00 Session 3: Education
Chair: Carlo Giovannella
  Exploring the Relations Between Physical Objects and Digital World with a Geometric Sorting Board, Fabio Pittarello
  The Effect of System Usability and Multitasking Activities in Distance Learning, Oronzo Parlangeli, Guido Mengoni and Stefano Guidi
  Designing Complexity in Context: Light through Culture, Patrizia Marti and Kees Overbeeke
  DADODICE: an interactive installation designed and developed to support learning process with play and fun, Massimo Deriu, Gavino Paddeu and Selene Uras
  Emerging Informal Learning 2.0 Practices: a preliminary exploration, Alessandro Pollini, Leonardo Giusti and Linda Napoletano
11.00-11.15 Coffee break
11.15-11.45 Keynote 4: Trust: nature and dynamics
Cristiano Castelfranchi, ISTC/CNR Roma
11.45-13.25 Session 4: Interaction Design
Chair: Massimo Zancanaro
  The curse of the where-rabbit: research through design of auditory trajectories, Stefano Delle Monache and Davide Rocchesso
  User-centered design approach for interactive kiosks: evaluation and redesign of an automatic teller machine, Marco Camilli, Massimiliano Dibitonto , Alessandro Vona, Carlo Maria Medaglia and Francesco Di Nocera
  Towards User Experience Guidelines for Interactive Applications Developers, Giuditta Gugliotta and Fabio Paternò
  A multimodal architecture for simulating natural interactive walking in virtual environments, Stefania Serafin, Luca Turchet and Rolf Nordahl
  A service-oriented fault monitor for digital terrestrial television broadcasting networks, Alessandra Bonomo, Tania Di Mascio and Laura Tarantino
  Users and households appliances: design suggestions for a better, sustainable interaction, Anna Zandanel
13.25-14.30 Lunch break
14.30-15.00 Keynote 5: Thinking with the body: a case study from choreography
David Kirsh, Department of Cognitive Science UCSD
15.00-16.30 Session 5: Tools
Chair: Fabio Paternò
  Luciole, lighting up the design process, Pierre Levy, Josje Wijnen, Caroline Hummels and Diana Vinke
  Going beyond Google Translate? Francesca Chessa and Gavin Brelstaff
  Spatial attention orienting to improve the efficacy of a brain-computer interface for communication, Mauro Marchetti, Francesco Piccione, Stefano Silvoni, Luciano Gamberini,Konstantinos Priftis
  MORAVIA: A Video-Annotation System Supporting Gesture Recognition, Marco Careddu, Laura Carrus, Alessandro Soro, Samuel Aldo Iacolina, Riccardo Scateni
  Natural exploration of 3d models, Iacolina Samuel Aldo, Alessandro Soro and Riccardo Scateni
16.30-16.45 Coffee break
16.45-18.10 Session 6: Health and Safety
Chair: Anna Spagnolli
  Children and YouTube: Access to Safe Content, Marina Buzzi
  SAFERIDER – Results from yamaha test site on advanced rider assistance system, Roberto Montanari, Andrea Borin and Andrea Spadoni
  Persuasive technologies to promote healthy behaviors, Luca Zamboni, Isabella Tion, Sabrina Cipolletta, Gianni De Giuli, Anna Spagnolli and Luciano Gamberini
  Everywhere Run: a mobile application for supporting people to start running and stay healthy, Fabrizio Mulas, Salvatore Carta, Paolo Pilloni, Matteo Manca
  Searching Digital Audio Broadcasting radio stations: usability and safety issues for in-vehicle devices, Marco Camilli, Massimiliano Dibitonto, Alessandro Vona, Roberta Grimaldi, Francesco Di Nocera and Carlo Maria Medaglia
20.30 Social Dinner
Il Pavone restaurant, piazza Sulis 3

16 settembre 2011

9.00-13.00: The Sound and Music Computing for Human-Computer Interaction Workshop
Workshop location: Asilo Sella, Lungomare Garibaldi 32, Alghero

Conference location: San Francesco

09.00-10.10 Session 7: Social Networks
Chair: Maria Francesca Costabile
  Web 2.0: Twitter and the Blind, Maria Claudia Buzzi, Marina Buzzi and Barbara Leporini
  Involving End Users to Create Software Supporting Visits to Cultural Heritage Sites, Carmelo Ardito, Paolo Buono and Maria Francesca Costabile
  Accessibility of Rich Internet Applications for blind people: A study to identify the main problems and solutions, Stephanie Giraud, Teresa Colombi, Aurore Russo and Pierre Thérouanne
  frestyl: simplifying the process of promoting and discovering local live music, Arianna Bassoli and Johanna Brewer
10.10-10.25 Coffee break
10.25-10.55 Keynote 6: Lost in the Network. Uncovering the human actors
Liam Bannon, University of Limerick
10.55-12.00 Session 7: Social Networks continued
  A Design Approach to Socially Adaptive Lighting Environments, Remco Magielse and Philip Ross
  Virtual Meeting Analyzer: A web application to visualize and analyze social networks emerging in group, Alessandro Giuseppe Privitera, Martino Francesco, Anna Spagnolli and Luciano Gamberini
  iLook: a Zoomable User Interface to support the interaction with home appliances, Marco Carnesecchi, Antonio Rizzo, Andrea Alessandrini, Maurizio Caporali and Monica Milani
  Exploring Limits and Opportunities for Public Displays in Dementia Care Centers, Chiara Leonardi and Massimo Zancanaro
12.00-12.40 Session 8: Model based approaches
Chair: Roberto Montanari
  A Dynamic Framework for Multi-View Task Modeling, Shah Rukh Humayoun, Tiziana Catarci, Yael Dubinsky
  Flexible Support for Distributing User Interfaces Across Multiple Devices, Marco Manca and Fabio Paternò
12.40-13.15 Closing & Arrivederci