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Paola Rizzi

Professore Associato in Tecnica e pianificazione urbanistica ICAR/20

+39 079 9720434
+39 320 9234096
Palazzo del Pou Salit, Piazza Duomo 6,
07041 Alghero (SS), Italia
Office hours for students
by appointment
Short CV

Paola Rizzi deals in simulation and territorial analysis techniques, urban design and participatory planning; she's also interested in urban planning, history of cartography and urban iconography in general, with some forays in archaeology.

She is co-founder and partner of SDVB9 an architectural and urban design studio in Switzerland and participate to several international architecture design competition.

She works on training programs and on projects related to communication problems: from team-working to social communication.
In the research field she's undertaken some studies and planning of new tools for urban analysis and public participation to decision and planning processes, on new technologies and communication. The main focus is on a sustainable and durable approach to urban design and planning; disaster mitigation in urban and land planning processes; soundscape design.

About educational area she’s working on environmental education and intercultural communication for local and regional administration in Italy.
She designed and planned many simulation urban games and other ones for company training, different games for citizens participation, even into the Internet.

From 1991 she started to work on GS taxonomy and the use of Gaming Simulation design as tool to understanding and media to communicate.

Her improvement as GS designer was stimulate by the chance to meet and work with Richard Duke, Allan Feldt, Dmitri Kavtaradze and Toshiyuki Kaneda.

Professor of Gaming & Simulation: tools to Forecast, International Summer School on the Problems of the New Europe, IUIES, International University, Institute for European Studies and ISIG, Istituto di Sociologia Internazionale di Gorizia
Visiting Professor Center for European Studies -Jagiellonian University, Cracovia, Polonia, corso Tools to improve democratic processes in citezens partecipation. Old problems new media
Visiting Professor Ritsumeikan University-College o Policy Science-Kyoto, Giappone.
Visiting Professor Virginia Tech, School of Public and International Affairs, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
Member of the Steering Committee of ISAGA-International Simulation And Gaming Association
Member of Scientifc Committee of ACRI/Automi Cellulari nella Ricerca e nell'Industria
Member of Board of Directors of CUPUM – Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management
Member of Board of Directors di INPUT – Informatica e Pianificazione Urbana e Territoriale
Member of editorial board of Simulation & Gaming, Sage Pubblications, UK
Member of editorial board of Archivio di Studi Urbani e Regionali, Franco Angeli, Milano
Member of Scientifc Committee of ExpoScuola, Salerno
Member of Scientifc Committee of SBMP-sistema bibliotecario museale / System of Libraries and Museums of Province of Venezia
She founded Diver s City [DsC] a laboratory on city, DsC is member-in partnership with Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto and Thammassat University, Bangkok- of the network GDMUCH-Global Disaster Mitigation of Urban Cultural Heritage.
She is founder and director of ISAGA international summer school (2004, Munich; 2005 Krakow; 2006 Dornbirn; 2007 Venezia; 2008 New Delhi; 2009 Cluj-Napoca, 2010 Paramaraibo).
She is co-organizer of International Workshop The Future of the Past Design for Disaster Mitigation of Urban Cultural Heritage (2008 Bangkok; 2009 Trieste; 2010 Kyoto; 2010 Kyoto; 2011 Bangkok; 2012 Venezia).