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professional internship

Professional Internship

The professional internship is a period of apprenticeship that the students make in private studios, companies or public institutions. It has the aim to “realize moments of alternation between study activity and working activity within the educational process. Furthermore, it has the aim to facilitate the students’ professional choices through a direct experience of the professional world” (art. 1 D.M. 142/1998).

The professional internship may be of two kinds: curricular or educational and guidance internship.

Curricular Internship

It is addressed to students who need to complete their educational path and aim at the final degree. It should be made in facilities which are external to the University fostering a first experience in the professional world. The recognition of the credits related to the internship depends on specific regulations of the Department and of the University.

Educational/Guidance Internship

It is ruled by the art. 18 of the Law 196/1997, it is optional and it is addressed to graduand or graduated students within 12 months of their graduation. It is aimed at the direct knowledge of the professional world and it gives the students the possibility to have a working experience parallel or following their graduation.

The Department of Architecture is qualified for the promotion and activation of both types of professional internship. It has signed several internship agreements with several professional studios, public and private companies both in Italy and abroad.

Professional Internship Regulations

In the right-hand column you will find a copy of all documents necessary for the activation of a professional internship that is to say a internship agreement and a educational project.

Department Interniship Office

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