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Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student will have acquired the primary elements of the ecosystem concept, energy flow, cyclization of materials, biotic constituents in a undisturbed context and the reality today by human conditioning. The student will have knowledge of the alteration caused by human actions and management strategies to reduce the effects in urban and regional area.

Course contents

Field study of Ecology. The ecosystem structure, function and process. The flow of energy, natural and human auxiliary energy and related environmental problems. The biogeochemical cycle of materials, modification of cycles under local and larger scale with possible remedies and management processes. The population dynamics. The elements of the biotic community: diversity of species and habitats, ecological succession with highlighting the problems and possible solutions. The biogeography of the islands and the environmental fragmentation with the elements of its definition and management.

Mode of delivery


Teaching methods

It will be simulate a project of recovery or environmental rehabilitation in a ecosystem to locate.

Assessment methods

Esame finale orale o scritto a scelta dello studente

Recommended or required reading

Smith T. M. e Smith R.L, 2007. Elementi di Ecologia. Pearson.
Towmsend C.R., Harper J.L. e Begon M., 2001. L'essenziale di Ecologia. Zanichelli.
Eventuali slide e gli altri materiali didattici utilizzati a lezione verranno messi a disposizione degli studenti.

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1° year | 6 ECTS credits

Academic year:
Mode of delivery:
in presenza/face to face

Lecturer: Nicola Sechi

Type of course unit:
A - Attività di base
Subject area:
EGG - Ecologia, geografia e geologia
Scientific Disciplinary Sector:
BIO/07 Ecologia
Hours of lectures:
Total contact hours:
Hours of private study:
Language of instruction: