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ecology applied to architecture

Ecology applied to architecture

Applied ecology to architecture



Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student will have acquired the primary elements of the ecosystem: the flow of energy, the cycling of materials, the structure of the biotic elements in relation with the urban system and also with the requirements of bulding and management of infrastructure.

Course contents

The ecosystem structure, functions and processes. The flow of energy, primary productivity, decomposition and and urban related problems. Auxiliary power and natural and human related environmental problems. The biogeochemical cycle of materials, modification of the cycles under local and larger scale, with possible remedies and processes. Diversity of species and habitats: problems and possible management approaches.

Mode of delivery

The course will consist of lectures

Teaching methods

The attention and participation of students at different stages of education will be requested. It will be simulated a study project aimed at identifying the basic building blocks of the ecosystem. It will be focused on the environmental restoration or recovery in a ecosystem to locate.

Assessment methods

Oral or written final examination chosen by the student.

Recommended or required reading

Media will be used and all the material used will be available for the students.
Smith T. M. e Smith R.L, 2007. Elementi di Ecologia. Pearson.
Towmsend C.R., Harper J.L. e Begon M., 2001. L’essenziale di Ecologia. Zanichelli.
The materials used for lectures is made available to the students.

Other information

Readiness to offer individual assistance also in a foreign language to incoming students: sì/yes, Inglese/English

Readiness to accept examination of incoming students also in a foreign language: sì/yes, Inglese/English

Availability of supporting material and bibliographic references also in a foreign language: sì/yes

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Ecology applied to architecture

n/a year | 3 ECTS credits

Academic year:
Mode of delivery:
in presenza/face to face

Lecturer: Nicola Sechi

Type of course unit:
D - Attività a scelta
Subject area:
Crediti a scelta
Scientific Disciplinary Sector:
BIO/07 Ecologia
Hours of lectures:
Total contact hours:
Hours of private study:
Language of instruction: