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doctoral programme

Doctoral programme

Doctoral programme in Architecture and Environment

From the XXIX Cycle, academic year 2013-14, the Department offers a Doctoral programme in Architecture and Environment.

The PhD programme in Architecture and Environment addresses the issue of the relationship between transformation, growth and development on the one hand and sustainability and durability of natural resources on the other. The environmental issue requires us to rethink the forms and ways of living according to environmental permissibility at different scales, from spatial planning systems for the management of resources and ecosystems to the planning of energy, water and soil in the planning of waste disposal systems and wastewater treatment; from sustainable design to recovery and urban regeneration, to the design of objects and communication.

The approach that characterizes the doctorate is based on the recognition of an inseparable link between the different scales of design, shifting from a training based on research on single phenomena towards a contextualized and interdisciplinary analyis of our living environment in all its complexity and in its multiplicity, allowing a more complete understanding, representation and qualitative management and phenomena that characterize it.

The PhD in Architecture and Environment aims to train a researcher that can understand the constructed spaces and their relationships with environmental and landscape management for planning and transformation. This requires a multidisciplinary and systemic approach: the disciplinary boundaries with their exclusionary theories do not allow us to address the issue of sustainability in an integrated manner.

The doctoral program has a duration of 3 years and has an exchange programme with the Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences and the Department of Architecture of the University of Karabuk, Turkey.


Research Lines

The doctoral programme is articulated in the following research lines:

  • Inhabiting and the evolution of the build environment
  • Town and countryside
  • Environment, territory and landscape
  • The many dimensions of the project and of the plan
  • Objects that makes us smart
  • The city of rights, the right to the city.
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