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urban planning

Urban Planning

Being a Urban Planner

To study Planning (urban, territorial and environmental planning) means devoting oneself to human environment, hence interpreting, organising and governing the city, the territory and the environment and transformations within these fields. The field of Urban Planning brings together a number of various disciplines (Architecture, Engineering, Design, Sociology, Economy…), and urban planners need to be capable of entering into dialogue with these fields. But the urban planner does have his/her own, specific discipline: he/she is the expert bringing together various competences in the realisation of plans for the management and transformation of the contemporary city, efficacious plans, producing results and contributing in the management of processes and in reaching agreements considering physical, social, cultural and economic sustainability and durability.

To study Urban Planning in Alghero, at the Faculty of Architecture means finding oneself in a learning environment, being engaged in project-activities and wanting to learn by doing and by getting actively involved in an educational programme, a learning process and applied research activities which bring in various disciplinary fields. It also means establishing a fertile exchange of knowledge and experience with ‘sister’ disciplines such as Architecture and Design, to find oneself in the borderland often performing the task of interface between different perspectives, a position permitting the observation of transformations on various levels and in many different contexts.

To study Urban Planning in Alghero means having the possibility to make apprenticeship experience (not only in Alghero), to participate in educational trips, to meet and learn from teachers and professors from many different countries, to have to learn English, to work in a team, to be monitored and assisted by young professionals (tutors), to learn how to use new technologies, to study in a class of a limited number of students, to be assisted when looking for a job. In concrete terms, this means embarking on a voyage which – after the basic three-year-Degree – can lead to an international Master Degree from two Universities: The University IUAV, Venice and l’Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (with Italian as well as Spanish title: Planning and Environmental Policy). But a three-year Degree also offers immediate possibilities for students who wish to leave the academic environment and to commence their professional working-life. Furthermore there are several alternative courses for students who wish to continue their studies and specialise in a particular field.

The Graduate Course in Urban Planning is open to a limited number of students, and applicants will have to attend a test of admittance. The test is the same as that attended by applicants to the Graduate Courses in Architecture and Design, although separate registration and admittance lists will be made separately for students in the respective courses.

For additional information please visit the Urban Planning website