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padedda bachisio mario

Bachisio Mario Padedda

Ricercatore in Ecologia BIO/07

+39 079 228670
Via Piandanna 4
07100 Sassari, Italia
Office hours for students
by appointment

Ecologia Sistemica (modulo 2) | Gestione Ambiente e Territorio | I | 2012- 2013; 2013-2014
Corso Integrato di Scienze Ambientali (modulo Ecologia) | TPALL | II | 2011-2012
Ecologia | Scienze Forestali ed Ambientali | I | 2010-2011
Ecologia Applicata | Scienze Biologiche | III | 2006-2007; 2007-2008; 2008-2009
Ecologia Applicata | Scienze Ambientali e Naturali | III | 2008-2009

Short CV
  • 1996-2001: University of Sassari. MSc in Environmental Sciences.
  • 2002-2005: University of Sassari. PhD on Analysis and Management of Natural Ecosystems.
  • 2006 onwards: Assistant Professor of Ecology, University of Sassari.
  • 2008 onwards: Member of the Center for Marine Biodiversity (COM.BIO.MA.)
  • 2011 onwards: Coordinator of site "10 Lake Ecosystems of Sardinia" of the LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) network.

I am interested in the structure and functioning of lake and coastal lagoon ecosystems, predominantly carrying out studies on phytoplankton and biogeochemical cycles. I have a particular focus on the ecological responses to eutrophication and biogeochemistry in transitional and freshwater ecosystems and the underlying factors that affect the sensitivity of those ecosystems to the external pressures. Eutrophication expresses itself through a cascade of direct and indirect impacts on ecology and economy, with major implications also in goods and services provided by water bodies. Much of my research is based on the ecosystemic approach linking the river basin management and water ecosystems. Other researches are oriented in the development and application of phytoplankton monitoring and indicator tools in the field of the Water Framework Directive and the use of ecological models to assess ecosystem functions.