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malfatti luca

Luca Malfatti

Professore Associato in Scienza e tecnologia dei materiali ING-IND/22

+39 079 9720408
Palazzo del Pou Salit, Piazza Duomo 6,
07041 Alghero (SS), Italia
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Luca Malfatti (1977) is associate professor of Materials Science at the Department of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning of the University of Sassari.
He got the master’s degree in Material Science at University of Padua in 2004 and the Ph.D. in "Materials for environment and energy" at University of Rome Tor Vergata in 2010.
He was visiting researcher at CNEA in Buenos Aires, University Paris VI, Osaka Prefecture University and distinguished visiting scientist at CSIRO-Materials Science and Engineering Division of Melbourne.
During his doctoral research, he worked on the application of transition metal oxides mesoporous ordered films for energy storage and production. Then, his research activities spanned form the development of hybrid organic-inorganic films for photonic applications and information-storage to the synthesis of functional ceramic materials, by exploiting the most recent advancements in sol-gel chemistry and the methods of materials characterization. He developed in situ time-resolved advanced techniques for characterization of self-assembly phenomena with synchrotron radiation (SAXS and FTIR). He led experiments in different large-scale synchrotron-light facilities such as DAPHNE (Lab. INFN Frascati), ELETTRA (Trieste), ESRF (Grenoble), Bessy (Berlin) and the Australian Synchrotron (Melbourne).
At present, his research deals with the synthesis of porous nanocomposites containing graphene and carbon dots for the development of nanostructured functional devices.
He is in the board of directors of the International Sol-Gel Society and is Assistant Editor of the Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology. He has been also coordinator of national and bilateral international projects focused on the application of functional porous thin films.
He has been invited speaker in several international conferences and has co-authored more than 100 articles in international ISI-ranked journals.