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Nicola Sechi

Professore Ordinario in Ecologia BIO/07

+39 079 228644
Via Piandanna 4, 07100 Sassari, Italia
Office hours for students
Thurday from 12:00-14:00
Research topics
Short CV

Nicola Sechi is Professor of Ecology at Sassari University and teaches in several degree courses; Dean of the Department.

Nicola Sechi is aquatic ecologist and carry out research in the following topics:

  • the structure, density, biomass and productivity of plankton communities of lakes, lagoons and costal sea;
  • the concentration and dynamic of the nutrients related to water eutrophication;
  • the nutrient loads in lakes and lagoon ecosystems and the implications for trophic level,
  • the study and control of algal species potentially toxic to human health in freshwater and marine waters;
  • watershed planning for the control and reduction of nutrients.