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pittaluga paola

Paola Pittaluga

Professore Associato in Tecnica e pianificazione urbanistica ICAR/20

+39 079 9720433
Palazzo del Pou Salit, Piazza Duomo 6,
07041 Alghero (SS), Italia
Office hours for students
by appointment
Short CV

Paola Pittaluga, is associate professor of urban end environmental planning in the School of Architecture, University of Sassari.
She was awarded her PhD (Sapienza University, Rome) in “Techniques for Urban Planning” in 1999.
From February 2002 until December 2004, she was researcher in the School of Engineering of Cagliari University.
She is currently teaching environmental planning in three degree courses Architecture, Planning and Environmental Sciences.
She is member and deputy director of PHD School in Architecture and Planning, University of Sassari.
She is currently involved in researches on the relations between images of local societies and projects for space, urban processes in edge situations, and sustainability in urbanization processes with special reference to Mediterranean areas.
Her publishing record includes among the most relevant entries: “Waste Lands, Waste Bodies and the «Speed of Liberation»”, in Plurimondi, n. 3, 2000; Progettare con il territorio. Immagini spaziali delle società e pianificazione comunicativa, Angeli, Milano, 2001; La città latente. Il progetto ambientale in aree di bordo, Angeli, Milano, 2001 (with Giovanni Maciocco); Territorio e progetto. Prospettive di ricerca orientate in senso ambientale, Angeli, Milano, 2003 (with Giovanni Maciocco); Immagini spaziali e progetto del territorio, Angeli, Milano, 2003 (with Giovanni Maciocco); “L’influenza del dialogo tra sapere tecnico e sapere comune in un contesto reale di pianificazione”, in G. Dematteis, F. Ferlaino (a cura di), Il mondo e i luoghi: geografie delle identità e del cambiamento, IRES Piemonte, Torino, 2003; Immagini spaziali e progetto della città, Angeli, Milano, 2005 (with Giovanni Maciocco), Il progetto ambientale in aree di bordo, Angeli, Milano, 2006 (with Giovanni Maciocco); “Images of local societies and projects for space”, in G. Maciocco, (ed.), Territorial Future of the City, Springer, The Netherlands, 2008.