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governing bodies

Department Governing Bodies

The Department's main functions are to carry out scientific research, teaching and training activities and external activities. The Department Governing Bodies include the Director or Dean, the Vice Dean and the Departmental Board. The Department has also set up a Student-Professor Joint Committee.

The Dean

The Dean represents the Department

The Departmental Board

The Departmental Board is the management body that assists the Dean.

The Department Council

The Department Council is the governing body responsible for the management of the Department.

Head of Study Courses

The Heads of Study Courses oversee the teaching activies of the degree course.

Study Course Councils

Study Course Councils are made up of professors who teach within the Course of Study and the student representatives who are enrolled in the Course of Study.


Student-Professor Joint Committee, Teaching quality evaluation Committee, Erasmus Committee

Assicurazione della Qualità

Assicurazione della Qualità

Delegates of the Department

Delegates of the Department


Regolamento di organizzazione e funzionamento del Dipartimento di Architettura Design e Urbanistica
Regolamento didattico di ateneo
Regolamento d’Ateneo sui Corsi di Dottorato di ricerca
Lo Statuto

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