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Every academic year is divided into five bimesters, each of them equal to a certain number of credits.

The educational offer includes:

  • teaching units consisting of project-work and in-depth studies.
  • monodisciplinary courses
  • apprenticeships
  • activities at students´own choice
  • foreign language (English)
  • final exam

Bimestral teaching-units are often linked together, and organised around a certain project theme. Such units are offered during a total period of four semesters. Theoretical and practical knowledge from various academic disciplines is brought into the projects. Each unit involves lectures, exercises and project-labs covering various academic fields in which teachers and tutors participate.

In addition to the teaching-units, monodisciplinary courses are held during the entire year.

New technology is used frequently in the study-programme. This way students learn to use new technology as a creative tool in studies and work.

Final exams are held in three different sessions: at the end of each unit, at the end of July and at the beginning of September.

During the third year, students attend an apprenticeship in Italy or abroad. The period varies from three (three year-courses) to six months (five year-courses) in Italy and abroad. The apprenticeship is a complement to the Erasmus-courses.

The Faculty offers a consultancy-service for apprenticeships. Personal interests and the educational plan of each student are taken into consideration when assisting students in choosing and finding placements.

During the academic year 2009/2010, 60 scholarships for 3-6 months placements in Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Holland, France, Germany and Greece.

The final academic year is devoted to preparation and elaboration of the graduate thesis. Courses attendance is compulsory.

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