Baingio Pinna

Professore Ordinario in M-PSI/01 - General and Experimental Psychology

+39 392 6315770
Palazzo del Pou Salit, Piazza Duomo 6,
07041 Alghero (SS), Italy
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Short CV

Birth date: October 29th, 1962.

1994–1996 Postdoctoral fellow in Experimental psychology, Univ. Padua.
1989–1993 Ph.D. in Experimental psychology, Univ. Padua.
1989 Summer School on Visual Perception, European Society for Cognitive Psychology, Huddinge (Sweden).
1986 Degree in Psychology (summa cum laude).

2002-present: Prof. Psychology
2001/2: Associate Prof
1995-2001: Assistant Prof

Fellowships and honors
2009: Winner of the international "Wolfgang Metzger Award 2009 to eminent people in Gestalt science and research for outstanding achievements". - 2007: Winner of a Scientific Productivity Prize among scientists of the Univ. Sassari. - 2005: Top ten finalist in the Best Illusion of the Year Contest at ECVP, Spain, with the "Windmill Illusion. - 2005. Winner of the Cover Design Contest for the VSS Conference (USA). - 2004-2005: Broadcast of the revolving wheel illusion on Italian (Superquark - Piero Angela) and German, Australia and USA television science documentaries. - 2004: Entry of the revolving wheel illusion in the Oxford Dictionary of Psychology. - 2003: Permanent exibition of the Revolving Wheel Illusion in San Francisco Exploratorium. - 2001-2002: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Fellowship, Freiburg Univ., Germany.

Spatial Vision, Seeing and Perceiving.

Psychological Science; Current Biology; Vision Research; Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance; Neuroscience letters; Attention, Perception & Psychophysics; Journal of Vision; Spatial Vision; Visual Neuroscience; Perception & Psychophysics; Perception; International Journal of Neural Systems; Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics; Acta Psychologica; International Journal on Arts & Technology; New Ideas in Psychology; Giornale Italiano di Psicologia; Ricerche di Psicologia.

Invited Lectures
2001 Harvard Univ., 2002 Harvard Univ. - 2002 Sorbonne Paris. - 2002 Caltech. - 2003 UC at S. Diego. - 2003 UC at Davis. - 2004 Freiburg Univ. - 2006 Boston Univ. - 2007 Lausanne Univ. - 2008 BA Festival of Science in Liverpool. - 2010 Stockholm School of Economics, Univ. of Riga, Latvia. - 2010. - Pecha-Kucha organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Riga, Latvia.

The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology. Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications; ICVS - The International Color Vision Society; VSS - The Vision Sciences Society; AIP - Associazione Italiana di Psicologia.

Pubblications and main interests
4 books, 105 referred papers, 70 conference abstracts.

Visual illusions; Psychophysical and neurophysiological investigation of visual processes (spatial vision, motion perception, color vision, shape perception); Vision Science of Art; Neuroscience

Some visual illusions

Watercolor Illusion
Pinna Illusion