Research at the Department of Architecture, Planning and Design covers several scientific fields and a wide scope of interests.

One part of the research is carried out in the laboratories, and temporary or permanent research teams may form either ad hoc, or they may develop with the assistance of the Faculty´s own spin-off company. Other research activities take place through the many activities and projects commissioned and financed by external partners. Yet another part of the research is strictly related to teaching activities. It actively involves students, recently graduated students and doctoral students.

The teaching model of the Faculty is interdisciplinary in several ways, this gives rise to many opportunities for reflecting together as well as for collaboration in the identification of themes in which contributions from various scientific fields may be integrated: some of the laboratories and research teams are, hence, interdisciplinary and many of them are part of international networks.

Please visit the respective sections of the Research laboratories or select one of the Research topics for more information. It is also possible to visit the profiles of our researchers to have a closer look at their list of publications and to know if they are associated with any of the Faculty laboratories.

Department of Architecture, Planning and Design


Nicola Sechi

Deputy director

Bruno Billeci