Applications for admissions to the Degree program (laurea magistrale) in Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning/Policy Development (Class LM48) are open for acceptance.

Available spots for a non-EU citizens residing abroad: 18 (5 of which reserved for Chinese citizens)

Admission requests can be submitted between 8/06/2023 and 2/08/2023 following the online procedure. After registering, login and then click on menu→ segreteria → concorsi di ammissione and select Admissions to the Degree program (laurea magistrale) in Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning/Policy Development LM48



CALL FOR ADMISSION AA 2023/2024- RESERVED FOR A EU and non-EU citizen

Applications for admissions to the Degree program (laurea magistrale) in UrbanEnvironmental and Landscape Planning/Policy Development (Class LM48) are open for acceptance.

Available spots for a EU and non-EU citizens: 20

Admission requests can be submitted between 8/06/2023 and 29/09/2023 following the online procedure. After registering, login and then click on menu→ segreteria → concorsi di ammissione and select Admissions to the Degree program (laurea magistrale) in Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning/Policy Development LM48



The degree program in Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning / Policy Development prepares students to become experts in analyzing urban, landscape and environmental dynamics as well as in developing policies and programs for a city and its surroundings.

Students are directed towards an interdisciplinary approach to work. The acquired skill set, including use of appropriate software, allows them to operate within multi-scale, complex and internationally relevant contexts. An urban planner will have the capacity to coordinate an interdisciplinary planning team, monitor and assess transformation projects, “measure” processes and results, oversee management and environmental auditing activities, coordinate teams of specialists with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and define strategic policies for administrative bodies or institutions with regard to the restoration, enhancement or transformation of land and urban or environmental areas.


The program offers two degree options:

  1. The local program (grants the laurea magistrale degree title);

  2. An international program granting a double laurea degree with the École Nationale d'Architecture et d'Urbanism at the University of Carthage;

All program options except for the local program require students to attend the first semester of the second year at one of the partner sites (with the support of Erasmus scholarships or other projects). 

Each program concludes with a pre-graduation internship and dissertation to be completed in Italy or abroad. Planning graduates therefore have an opportunity to experience a rich learning environment as well as international interaction, maximizing their likelihood of job placement.


Admission to the Laurea magistrale degree program is subject to assessment of individual competence based on academic records and professional training as well as on a portfolio, with particular attention to the three-year Laurea triennale coursework. 

Having linguistic competence in a language other than Italian at a B1 level as defined by the

"Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" is a prerequisite for admission. Candidates can offer proof of meeting this requirement in the following forms: possessing appropriate language certifications, passing specific foreign language exams, or passing foreign language exams at foreign universities. 


Should it not be possible to verify linguistic competency as outlined above, admission will be contingent on a specific interview designed for this purpose. 

Candidates applying for admission should have already earned a three-year Laurea triennale degree in one of the following classes: 

  • L 6 – Geography (ex class 30 and codes before 240/04)
  • L 17 – Architectural Science (ex class 4 and codes before 240/04)
  • L 21 – Urban, Land-use, Environmental and Landscape Planning Sciences (ex class 7 and codes before 240/04)
  • L 25 – Agricultural and Forest Sciences (ex class 20 and codes before 240/04)
  • L 32 – Environmental and Nature Sciences (ex class 27 and codes before 240/04). 

Candidates who are due to complete one of the above-mentioned degrees within the date specified in the call for admissions may also be considered for admission if they submit a valid transcript of exams, marks and earned credits. Failing to complete the prerequisite degree by the specified date will automatically render the application for admissions null

Furthermore, candidates who have completed or are soon to complete other three-year laurea triennale degrees may apply; admissions shall be subject to review of academic transcripts (indicating exams, marks and credits earned), previous training and experience. 


Typically, graduates will become self-employed and/or work in a joint practice. Planners are also employed in public and private research and development projects, professional practice and engineering firms, service agencies and land-use administrative or governmental positions. 

Professional practice (after passing the State Exam for licensure with the Professional Board for architects, planners, landscape architects and conservationists- section A) involves:

  • Professional activities included in section B of the registry;
  • Land-use, landscape, environmental and urban planning;
  • Performing and coordinating complex technical analyses in urban, land-use, landscape and environmental projects; performing and managing environmental assessment activities; assessing environmental contexts and evaluating the feasibility of urban and land-use projects;
  • Strategic planning, policy-planning, urban and land-use transformation projects.

The laurea magistrale degree is also a prerequisite for access to second-tier Master’s degrees and doctoral research programs. 


  • To partecipate it is necessary:

    1) Register on the Uniss Student Self;  select the admission competition to the Master's degree course in Planning and policies for the city, environment and landscape (Graduation class LM48)secretariat

    2) Submit an online application for registration to the competition: starting from 08/06/2023 and within 11.59 pm of 02/08/2023 follow the appropriate online procedure, once you have registered, log in and then click on menu. 

    In the application for participation in the admission competition, made exclusively through the Uniss Student Self, under penalty of exclusion from the selection, the following documentation must be attached, by upload and exclusively in pdf format:

    1. Front and back copy of an identity document or other valid identification document;

    2. the educational and professional curriculum, also in the form of a portfolio, and the data relating to the three-year degree diploma including the degree grade;

    3. the details of the training course relating to the three-year degree, or the list of exams taken during the three-year degree course, with the number of credits, scientific disciplinary sector and grade achieved.

    4. Form indicating the priority in the choice of courses, indicated in Article 1 of this announcement.

    Under penalty of exclusion from the ranking, undergraduates must enter online, by means of an original certificate, certified copy or self-certification, the list of exams taken and registered by the expiry date of the call, with the number of CFUs, scientific disciplinary sector and grade obtained for each of them.

    The pdf files must be named with the surname, first name and birth date of the candidate.

    It is the candidates' responsibility to verify the correct conclusion of the registration procedure and keep the receipt of the payment made.

    All candidates are admitted to the selection procedure WITH RESERVE; the Administration will subsequently proceed to exclude, at any time, the candidates who are not in possession of the admission qualifications and the required requirements.

    The system, following registration, through the online procedure, will automatically generate a payment notice relating to the contribution for participation in the competition of € 30.00.

    This notice:

    It should be noted that payment using the PagoPA method is the only valid means of payment.

    Remember that the University will not send any bulletin to the student's home.

    This contribution will in no case be reimbursed and must be paid by the deadline of the call.





Prof. ssa Silvia Serreli – President of the course: